Established on February 26, 2015, the Yonphung Business Information Technology Centre is an establishment that is exclusively engaged in electronic commerce, foreign trade and different kinds of service industry in DPR Korea. It opend the Manmulsang electronic commerce site on the national network, taking the first step of electronic commercial service in the country. At present the centre has got a perfect electronic commercial system equipped with an electronic settlement system and a delivery system, and is expanding the operation as befits its position as the top electronic commerce business in the country. We in the centre hope to have diversified exchange and cooperation in electronic commerce, foreign trade and service on the principle of equality, reciprocity and credit and have a closer ties of mutual cooperation.

Business strategy

a. Electronic commercial service and economic information service The Manmulsang electronic commerce site is currently the leader of Korea’s electronic commerce sites because it updates commodities on a real-time basis and provides a rich stock of commodities based on the computer network and the mobile communication network, as well as economic information service which is offering chances for huge profit. Our target is to develop the Manmulsang electronic commercial site up to a world-famous e-commerce site so as to make a tangible contribution to the economic development of the country and the improvement of the living standards while turning it into a window for multilateral economic exchange between the DPRK and the rest of the international community.
b. Electronic banking
The Manmulsang electronic settlement system is a third-party payment system based on the virtual bank mode, which makes it possible to conduct electronic settlement using the computer network and the mobile communication network. At the moment the system is heading for a nationwide integrated settlement system, which will offer a greater scope of access to different kinds of Korean bankcards. We are determined to develop the Manmulsang electronic settlement system up to the international standards so as to offer diversified financial and electronic settlement service.
c. Delivery service
At the moment The Yonphung Business Information Technology Centre is fully meeting the delivery demand from the customers to the Manmulsang electronic commercial system in cooperation with local transport companies. Our plan is to enhance the efficiency of our electronic commercial service by establishing an increasingly better delivery system.
d. Different areas of foreign trade and marketing
Using the Manmulsang electronic commercial service we learn the demand of the customers for goods and conduct different kinds of foreign trade and marketing activities. The fund created in the operation of the electronic settlement system shall be invested into areas with a bright prospect like development of cutting-edge technology.

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