The Korea Kumgangsan Joint Venture Company, established in line with the Law of the DPRK on Contractual Joint Venture, is a leading company in producing cosmetics and exporting to several countries in Europe and Asia its products for healthy skin and beauty.

Kumgansan-brand cosmetics, products of the company that carries forward the traditions of the Noana and Pomhyanggi companies, are multifunctional products.

A combination of world-renowned Kaesong Koryo insam, their main ingredients and extracts of 30 natural rare plants collected in the famous Kumgang and Myohyang mountains with bio-engineering active components by means of latest science and technology, the products are outstanding in activating metabolism in the skin, retarding ageing, improving elasticity of the skin, whitening and moisturizing of the skin and removing wrinkles.

For their high quality and hygienic safety, the products are certified by ISO 9001, GMP, KPS and SGS.

 They are of 100 kinds.