• Korea Taehung Trading Corporation
  • introduction
Enterprise Name : Korea Taehung Trading Corporation

Korea Taehung Trading Corporation is an authoritative trading organ of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea which engages in the processing and technology trades, shipping operation, poultry farming, mineral production and other businesses.

It was formed in Juche 72 (1983) with the legal address in Phyongchon District of Pyongyang, and aims at exploiting enormous manpower and material resources of the country to be conducive to its economic development and material and cultural life of the people as well as conducting energetic cooperation and exchange with foreign businesses on the equal, mutual-benefiting and profit-making principles.

The corporation is reconstructing and expanding processing bases of various categories, and encouraging bold investments and trading activities in several fields. At present it has scores of production enterprises and several overseas trading branches.

It is now recognized as a promising trading group with huge potentials to broaden the scope of trading activities in new technical product development, transportation and construction and to form joint ventures.