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Traditional drug for psychragia

The medicine takes an effect of Onjunggohan (effect of making the bowels warm and treating cold abdomen) and Ikkigonbi (effect of elevating vitality and making spleen strong.)

It is good for treatment of frequent diarrhea, a false sense of satiety, poor appetite, vomiting, chilly hand and foot, oversensitiveness to the cold, weak intestines and swallowing of saliva caused by Piwihohan (a kind of spleen diseases).

It is also efficacious for chronic gastritis, stomach asthenia, gastroptosis, gastric dilatation, gastric ulcer, inappetence from pregnancy and chronic gastroenteric disorder.

Dosage and adnibistration:

Radix Aconiti, Koryo insam, Rhizoma Atractylodis, dried ginger, Radix Liquiritae and honey.

4~6 pills in a dose, three times daily.

Packing:1g×75 pills/bottle

Product of Korean prescription