Natural CardiHerb capsules

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Chonyon Health Products Company

[Indication]It helps treat cardiovascular diseases such as cardiac neurosis, angina pectoris, valve-related heart troubles, mitral stenosis, aortic valve stenosis, arteriosclerosis(headache, numb hands and legs, stiff neck, dizziness),heart failure, palpitation of heart, hypertension, hypotension, arrhythmia, pericarditis, cyanosis, paroxysmal missing of heat beat, endocarditis, cerebralthrombosis, pain in intestinum tenue at the pit of the stomach and prodromal brain infarction.                         


-Natural CardiHerb Capsule opens hard pulses that had been blocked, promotes the blood circulation around the heart, which, in return, purifies the blood, remove the root causes of cerebral thrombosis and angina pectorisby reducing the viscosity of blood. It isalso efficacious for treating high and low blood pressure caused by several reasons.

-It has instant effect in treating the cardiac diseases making hands and feet warmer.

Moreover it prevents the heart disorders from returning and root out the main cause of diseases by promotion of circulation.

-By promoting the blood circulation, it relieves pains in heart and heart attacks.

Also it mysteriously cures the subjective symptoms of cerebral arteriosclerosis like dizziness, headache, stiff neck, numb limbs, insomnia, muddled brainand thus prevents cerebral thrombosis and cerebral hemorrhage.