Kaesong Koryo Insam Cosmetics


- KaesongKoryoInsamMoistureLotion(rose) 100ml

Mainingredients: ExtractsofKaesongKoryoInsam, Hyaluronicacid, biocozyacid.

Effect:ThislotionregulatesthebalanceofpHintheskin, activatesitsmetabolismandimprovesthenaturalskinmoisturizingelements, thusmakingtheskinmoisturizedandsoft.

Application: Use after wash by slightly massaging. Use in dry skin.

The terms of validity: 3 years

- KaesongKoryoInsamMilkCream(rose) 100ml

Mainingredients: ExtractsofKaesongKoryoInsam, Hyaluronicacid, Collagenprotein, VitaminE

Effect: Itsuppliesmoistureandnourishmentsimultaneouslymakingtheskinmoist, flexibleandbright. 

Application: Use after lotion on the face and neck. It can use to all kinds of skin as basic make-up.

Thetermsofvalidity: 2 years.

- KaesongKoryoInsamNightcream(rose) 30g

Mainingredients: ExtractsofKaesongKoryoInsam, Hyaluronicacid, VitaminE, Essentialoilofapricotstone, Squalene, Naturalanti-oxidizingagent.

Effect: With nutritional elements penetrating easily deep into the skin, the cream reinvigorates the skin cells, prevents the skin from getting dry and restores damaged cells in the skin by supplying nutrition and moisture to it.

Application: Put on the face and neck by slightly massaging after wash. It will maintain youth and prevent aging

Thetermsofvalidity: 2 years

- Mascara (7g)

Effect:It can make your eyelashes look long, thick and curled. Since the brush is very soft, it is convenient to use and immediately dried, thus no worry to be coagulated making the eyelashes look naturally beautiful.

The terms of validity: 3 years         

- Lip gloss(6g)

Effect: It saves natural color of the lip and makes it gloss preventing it from getting cracked.